What a Beautiful Morning by Arthur A. Levine, illustrated by Katie Kath

Published by Running Press Kids


Summary:  Noah loves visiting his grandparents, especially his grandfather, who starts off every day with exuberant singing.  But this year, grandpa seems different.  One morning he can’t remember how to cut his French toast.  Worst of all, he wakes up from a nap one day and for a moment, doesn’t know who Noah is.  Noah is understandably upset, but his grandmother steps in to explain that Grandpa is having trouble with his memory.  She reminds him that they should focus on appreciating what Grandpa still has; Noah thinks that’s like appreciating all your toys when your favorite one has been left at the beach.  But later that day, he discovers a way to reconnect with Grandpa, and from then on, he finds he has a special way of helping his grandfather to remember.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A beautiful story about a subject many young kids have to deal with.  The illustrations are gray when Grandpa is struggling with a memory issue, then turn colorful again when he remembers something.  While this story can’t have a completely happy ending, it does conclude on a hopeful note.

Cons:  I would feel foolish critiquing a book written by the man who edited the Harry Potter books.


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