In Plain Sight by Richard Jackson, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

Published by Roaring Brook Press 

Summary:  Every day after school, Sophie hurries to Grandpa’s room to tell him about her day and to find out about his.  Each day, Grandpa has “lost” some small object (a paper clip, a rubber band) that he needs Sophie to find for him.  She searches until she finds it.  On the weekend, she starts to go to his room, but her parents tell her that Grandpa is sleeping.  That gives Sophie an idea.  With her parents’ permission, she hides herself behind the curtain in Grandpa’s room, so when he wakes up, it’s his turn to find something that’s hidden.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A warm, loving story about a playful ritual between a grandfather and granddaughter.  The detailed pictures allow readers to join Sophie in her treasure hunt for Grandpa’s lost items.

Cons:  Although Grandpa is consistently pictured in a wheelchair, on the back endpapers, he appears to be standing at the front door, waving to Sophie.

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