A Hat for Mrs. Goldman: a story about knitting and love by Michelle Edwards, illustrate by G. Brian Karas

Happy Thanksgiving!

Published by Schwartz & Wade Books 

Summary:  When Sophia was a baby, her neighbor Mrs. Goldman knit her a hat.  Now that she’s older, she likes to make pom-poms to decorate Mrs. Goldman’s creations.  Her friend is always knitting for others, giving them warm hats, mittens, and sweaters.  She calls knitting her mitzvah, or good deed.  When Sophia goes walking with Mrs. Goldman and her dog Fifi, she notices that Mrs. Goldman doesn’t have a hat.  Snow accumulates on her hair, and her ears turn pink or red, depending on the temperature.  Wanting to rectify the situation, Sophia pulls out her knitting needles and tries to remember what Mrs. Goldman taught her about knitting.  She finally finishes a hat, but it’s full of holes.  Fortunately, Sophia thinks of all those pom-poms she’s made, and creates a whole bunch of them to cover up the holes.  She rushes next door to give  her gift to Mrs. Goldman, who declares it Sophie’s mitzvah and happily wears it every day on her walks with Fifi.  Includes instructions for knitting a simple hat and making a pom-pom.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A simple but heartwarming story.  Mrs. Goldman’s knitting is an expression of love for her, and she passes this on to Sophie.  G. Brian Karas learned how to knit to make his illustrations accurate, and he perfectly captures Sophie’s efforts with the knitting needles.

Cons:  My own knitting failures haven’t had this happy of an ending.

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