Egg by Kevin Henkes

Published by Greenwillow Books

Summary:  The first four pages have four panels showing eggs in yellow, pink, blue, and green.  Yellow, pink, and blue birds hatch out of their eggs and fly away, but the green egg remains an egg.  After a wait, the three birds return, listening to the egg, then pecking to try to release the animal within.  Finally, a baby crocodile emerges.  Frightened, the birds fly away, leaving a sad, lonely crocodile behind.  They slowly return to his back, and the four become friends, enjoying a variety of adventures.  The setting sun morphs into a pink egg, with the words “The End”, then on the final page, “maybe”, as a pink bird flies off.  40 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros:  A simple gem, with many of the pages containing 4 (or occasionally, 16) panels, like a graphic novel.  The pastel color palette is perfect for the story, and the entire tale is told with pictures and just 15 words.  The three animals befriending a newly-hatched crocodile reminded me of Leo Lionni’s The Extraordinary Egg.

Cons:  What’s really up with that pink egg?

3 thoughts on “Egg by Kevin Henkes

  1. Welcome Back Janet! I have missed your daily posts but totally understand the need for a break to recharge.

    I actually have this book – just arrived with my book order – have not opened it yet but will share with my PreK class when spring arrives.





  2. Welcome back and thank you for continuing this! I liked Egg and thought of “Gujii, Gujii” as a companion book. The Lioni book is a great suggestion as well. Extends the story a bit. 🙂


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