A Perfect View (Cici: A Fairy’s Tale) by Cori Doerrfeld and Tyler Page

Published by Graphic Universe

Summary:  When Cici turned 10, she found out from her abuela that she is really a fairy, just like her grandmother.  Cici has recently weathered her parents’ divorce, enjoyed finding a new best friend (Kendra), and is in the process of learning how to use her magic powers.  She, Kendra, and her little sister Sophie go on a camping trip with Cici’s dad, and, right from the start, everything goes wrong–there’s no record of their reservation, the marshmallows are missing, and the first day is rainy.  Cici keeps seeing a little creature in the woods who tries to befriend her.  She rejects his offers of friendship, focusing instead on all that is going wrong, until she has a meltdown.  Her friend and family help her to see all the good things that have happened on the trip, and she finally makes friends with the creature.  When she returns, her abuela tells her it was a wood sprite, and that she is a very lucky fairy to have seen one.  48 pages; grades 1-3.

Pros:  A fun graphic novel for the younger set, with a nice blend of realism and fantasy, and featuring a Latina protagonist.

Cons:  The $20+ price tag certainly gives me pause about purchasing this series for my library.

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