Noisy Night by Mac Barnett, pictures by Brian Biggs

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Summary:  “What is going La La La above my head?” wonders the little boy standing on his bed.  All the reader can see is a pair of legs and feet.  Turn the page, and you’re on the next floor up.  A man is singing opera.  Above his head is the sound “ma ma ma”, which turns out to be a cooing baby.  And so it goes, on up through a multi-story apartment building.  The last floor is inhabited by an old man hollering, “Go to bed!”  Peace descends as everyone settles down for a good night’s sleep.  32 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros:  Can you guess what’s on the next page?  Kids will have fun trying to figure out what’s making each noise.  The bright, comic illustrations with cartoon bubble dialogue are eye-catching.

Cons:  Are quotation marks going the way of the dinosaurs, with all dialogue now encapsulated in cartoon bubbles?

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