Green Pants by Kenneth Kraegel

Published by Candlewick

Summary:  Jameson refuses to wear anything but green pants, going so far as to wear them exclusively for swimming.  Any attempts by others to foist red or blue pants on him result in blue pants in a tree or red pants on the dog.  Jameson believes he can do anything, as long as he’s wearing his green pants.  So he can’t make up his mind when Uncle Armando and his beautiful fiance Jo invite Jameson to be in their wedding.  He really wants to do it, but one of the requirements is wearing a tuxedo–with black pants.  His indecision persists until moments before the big event.  Finally, with a little help from Jo, he’s able to be in the wedding but still find a way to express himself.  40 pages; ages 3-7.

Pros:  An empowering story for kids who have definite ideas about their likes and dislikes.  The illustrations are funny and pretty cute.

Cons: I’m no fashion expert, but has anyone actually worn green pants since Mr. Green Jeans hung out with Captain Kangaroo?

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