Be Quiet! by Ryan T. Higgins

Published by Disney-Hyperion

Summary:  Rupert the mouse has the brilliant idea to write a wordless picture book.  His friends Nibbs and Thistle want to help, but the can’t stop talking about the book.  And that means words.  They have other ideas, like about what makes a “strong” illustration (it involves lots of bicep flexing), and what characters to have in it (a strong, silent bear; a cute kitten; a cucumber?).  Finally, Rupert is so frustrated, he lets loose with a page full of words, venting to his two friends.  They inform him that he needs to be quiet in a wordless book, and he storms off in a huff.  40 pages; ages 3-6.

Pros:  Sure to be a hit at storytime, this is purely silliness, told mostly through the cartoon dialogue of the three mice.  Kids who enjoy this will also want to try Higgins’ previous book, Hotel Bruce, that introduces Rupert, Thistle, and Nibbs.

Cons:  I love wordless picture books.

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