The Losers Club by Andrew Clements

Published by Random House

Summary:  Alec’s sixth grade year is off to a rocky start, and it’s all because he loves reading too much.  His habit of reading during class has his teachers threatening summer school, and even at the extended day program after school, he’s expected to do (non-reading) homework or participate in a group activity.  When he learns that kids can start new clubs, he thinks he has the perfect idea: find another reader and call themselves The Losers Club.  That way, they can read all they want, uninterrupted, and no one else will want to associate with the “losers”.  But the plan backfires when other readers want to join.  Not only that, but the first new member is Nina, a new girl who has caught the attention of Kent, Alec’s former friend turned bully.  Alec learns that life in sixth grade is far more complicated than the worlds in the books he likes, but it can also be more interesting and rewarding.  Includes a two-page list of all the books mentioned in the story.  240 pages; grades 3-6.

Pros:  Andrew Clements fans won’t be disappointed in his latest story about a resourceful kid who finds his own way to overcome difficulties.

Cons:  In referencing Charlotte’s Web, Alec mentions Fern’s younger brother Avery and mentions that Avery reminds Alec of his own younger brother.  News flash, Andrew Clements (and your editor at Random House): Avery is Fern’s older brother.

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