This Little Piggy: An Owner’s Manual by Cyndi Marko

Published by Aladdin

Summary:  What’s the perfect pet?  A dog?  A hamster?  A turtle?  No, a pig, of course!  Well, you may know that, but it’ll take some work to convince other family members.  The girl narrator offers some wild and crazy tips, first getting her brother on board, then beginning a long, laborious process for showing her mother what a wonderful pet her new pig Snowflake will be.  There are six chapters in all, but most pages only have a couple of sentences, accompanied by illustrations with cartoon bubble dialog.  And don’t worry, pig fans, one of the final bubbles is Mom’s, containing the words “Our family could use a pig like that.”  64 pages; grades K-3.

Pros:  Another crowd-pleaser from the author-illustrator of the Kung Pow Chicken series, this is sure to be a hit with the newly-independent reading crowd.  This could also be used as a mentor text for procedural writing.

Cons:  There isn’t much of a story–it’s more of a how-to manual.

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