Back to School Book List

Tomorrow I take my daughter back to college, Monday and Tuesday are professional development days at my school, and Wednesday the kids return.  This gives me the bittersweet mix of sadness that summer is over and excitement that school is starting again.  If you and/or anyone in your life is going back to school, here are some new books you might want to read.

Back to School With Bigfoot by Samantha Berger and Martha Brockenbrough, illustrated by Dave Pressler.  Published by Arthur A. Levine Books.

Bigfoot explains why going back to school is extra difficult for him; from back-to-school shopping and haircuts to fitting in at the cafeteria.  He’s ready to quit until he remembers all the fun that’s in store for him in the year ahead.  Perfect for dealing with first day jitters.


A New School Year: Stories in Six Voices by Sally Derby, illustrated by Mika Song.  Published by Charlesbridge.

I haven’t had a chance to look at this poetry book yet, but reviews call it a great ice-breaker for teachers and a possible inspiration for kids’ writing.  Six diverse kids from grades K-5 tell their experiences throughout the first day of school in four sections that start with the anxious night before and end after the first day is over.


Twindergarten by Nikki Ehrlich, illustrated by Zoey Abbott.  Published by Harper.

Know any twins who are in different classrooms for the first time?  This book will show them how it’s done, with the reassuring message that it’s possible to thrive on your own while maintaining that twin connection.


I’m Smart! by Kate and Jim McMullan.  Published by Balzer and Bray.

Using their winning formula from I Stink! and its sequels, the McMullans present a cheerful and confident school bus who explains the ins and outs of her job.

How to Get Your Teacher Ready by Jean Reagan, illustrated by Lee Wildish.  Published by Alfred A. Knopf.

Another one I haven’t read yet, but it’s from the team that brought you How to Babysit a Grandpa and its sequels, so it’s sure to be a fun and rollicking look at the beginning of school, as well as a fine example of procedural writing.


Second Grade Holdout by Audey Vernick, illustrated by Matthew Cordell.  Published by Clarion Books.

Obnoxious older siblings have the narrator believing that second grade is too much for him to handle.  Sticking with first grade seems a lot easier, but maybe not as much fun…



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