Nothing Rhymes With Orange by Adam Rex

Published by Chronicle Books

Summary:  A lonely orange stands by and watches as other fruits star in catchy rhymes: “Hit the beach in your cabana with a peach or a banana.”  He goes from trying to join in, to realizing there’s nothing that rhymes with orange, to deciding he doesn’t really want to be part of it after all as the rhymes grow increasingly crazy.  “I think cherries are ‘the berries’ and a lychee is just peachy/Thus Spake Zarathustra is a book by Friedrich Nietzsche.”  Finally, though, “the fruit are feeling rotten/’cause there’s someone they’ve forgotten.”  The orange perks up, and really gets excited when the apple calls him “smorange” and makes up a rhyme all his own.  The final two-page spread shows the orange happily leading the whole pack of fruit (and Nietzsche).  48 pages; grades K-3.

Pros:  The funniest book I’ve read this year (okay, maybe it’s tied with The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors).  It’s hard to do it justice, but the orange’s commentary as the fruit are frolicking all over the pages hit my funny bone in just the right way.  Kids will love the design of each page, with the text and illustrations conveying the increasing chaos of the fruits’ antics.

Cons:  I checked out the pronunciation of Nietzsche on YouTube, and it doesn’t actually rhyme with “peachy”.  More like “peach-a”.

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