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I’ve recently signed up with the Amazon Affiliate program, and will be including a link to Amazon at the bottom of each review.  I’ve added links to my last four reviews, and hope to (eventually) add them to other previous reviews.  If you click on the link, then buy the book from Amazon, I get 4% of the sale.  Blog design is not my specialty (I’m sure you’ve noticed), and I’m sure there’s some more aesthetically pleasing way to incorporate this link, but this is my best attempt for now.  I’m still learning about this process, so if anyone has any helpful hints, I’d appreciate them.  Please feel no obligation to shop through my blog, but if you are planning to buy a book, thanks for clicking on the link!

2 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate

  1. Hi Janet!
    I have a question for you re: the Amazon Affiliate link! If i click on the link you have provided …. and buy the book ……. and proceed to place orders for other books (books you have previously suggested) ….. will you benefit from ALL the books I purchase in that one order? … or just the featured book? (Sorry … does that make sense?) …. this idea is new to me too! If I am purchasing other books I have taken note of from your previous reviews …. I want to make sure you receive the benefit!
    I have a parent at my school who would like to order/purchase some books for our library ….. and many of my “wish list” books are from your suggestions! I would like to direct her in her purchases and connect her to your 4% link.


  2. I really appreciate your attempt to make sure I get my commission!  I am pretty sure that I get a commission on whatever you buy from Amazon, once you click that link on one book.  I am curious to find out how this works.  Give it a try, and don’t worry if I only end up getting the profits from that one book…I will chalk it up to a learning experience!


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