Wrapping up the year

This is how I feel at this time of year: after reviewing six books a week for the last year, I keep seeing lists of “the best of 2017” and realizing how many books I DIDN’T get to read this year.  I’m resisting the urge to hole up all week and try to fit in as many of those books as I can!  This week I’ll be posting my own “best of” lists; then I’m going to take a few weeks off in January to catch up on some non-blog reading and let the 2018 books start to pile up.

As always, I’d love to hear from any followers about how Kids Book a Day has helped you this year, what you’d like to see here in 2018, or just a general hello.  I look forward to another year of reading and sharing books, and I wish each one of you the best in the year ahead!

9 thoughts on “Wrapping up the year

  1. Thank you for all of your great book recommendations. I use your blog to stock my school library and find your reviews invaluable. Enjoy a little time off but please return to help all of us librarians out! Happy New Year!


  2. I appreciate your blog because you keep the reviews succinct but still make it easy for me to determine if it is a book that will fit in our collection or not. I especially love the white flag picture above because I have been feeling the same way! 🙂 Thank you!

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  3. I use your blog for collection development and find it super helpful, especially how you have it set up with synopsis, pros, and cons. Thank you!!


  4. I’m a mom of a homeschooled 11yo boy. I love getting book recommendations and reviews of things I may have missed. Plus it’s fun to see what’s out there and a quick summary of different titles. We both love to read and are often hitting the 75 book limit on my son’s account!


  5. Hi Janet. I attended your class at MTA last summer and became a subscriber. Your reviews are very helpful to me in my role as a middle-school librarian – please keep up the good work – after your well-deserved break.


  6. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and valuable resource, in both style and content. Your blog is a ‘go to’ source when choosing new books for our school library. Enjoy your break- wishing you all the very best (and looking forward to reading your posts) in this New Year.


  7. PLEASE know what a wonderful service you provide for little ol me in my elementary school library! Hours are short, workload is huge … and there’s never enough hours in my day! You are a breath of fresh air! Oft times the only email I open up. The information you share is so valuable in helping me make those book selections to add to our library!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


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