Five fun read-alouds

“Fun” is one of my main requirements for read-alouds.  Here’s my final picture book roundup for 2018, a list that I will definitely draw from when reading to kids in 2019.

Bowwow Powwow by Brenda J. Child, illustrated by Jonathan Thunder

Published by The Minnesota Historical Society Press

Image result for bowwow powwow amazon

I was delighted to find a few books this year about contemporary Native Americans, and this was one of my favorites.  I love the illustrations of the dogs at the powwow.


Potato Pants by Laurie Keller

Published by Henry Holt and Co.

Image result for potato pants keller amazon

This book pretty much defines fun.


Dude! word by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Dan Santat

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Image result for dude reynolds amazon

I’ve already tested this out, and it is, indeed, fun to read aloud.  Divide kids into two groups; one can read the part of the beaver and the other, the platypus.  There’s only one word, so it’s all about the delivery.


The Hen Who Sailed Around the World by Guirec Soudee

Published by Little, Brown

Image result for hen who sailed around the world amazon

The story of Guirec’s travels with his intrepid hen Monique is both an adventurous travelogue and a quirky, funny, and very French story of a chicken.


Teddy’s Favorite Toy by Christian Trimmer, illustrated by Madeline Valentine

Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Image result for teddy's favorite toy amazon

When Teddy’s mom accidentally throws out his favorite toy, she uses her superpowers to undo her mistake.  Gender stereotypes are turned on their heads throughout.

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