The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry, illustrated by the Fan Brothers

Published by HarperCollins

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Summary:  Scarecrow is good at his job, which means none of the animals come near. He has no friends until one spring when a baby crow falls nearby.  Scarecrow picks up the crow and makes a nest for him in the bib of his overalls. The two become friends until the bird grows up and flies away.  Scarecrow’s heart is broken as he stands in the field through the long fall and winter. But the next spring, an adult crow is back, this time with a mate.  Before long there’s a new nest of babies inside Scarecrow’s overalls. The last wordless page shows Scarecrow surrounded by not only crows, but some of the other animals as well.  40 pages; ages 3-8.

Pros:  The rhyming text tells a poignant story about opening up your heart to others; the illustrations are Fan Brothers perfection and should be considered for a Caldecott.

Cons:  I still am not clear on whether the Fan Brothers can win a Caldecott.  They appear to have grown up in the U.S., but live in Canada now, with dual U.S./Canadian citizenship.  And the Caldecott criteria is that the award goes to a citizen or resident of the U.S.  It seems like splitting hairs to say they’re ineligible, but I think I’ve read that that’s the case. 

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An early collaboration by the Fan Brothers.

2 thoughts on “The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry, illustrated by the Fan Brothers

  1. This was such a beautiful book! It’s hard to find books for fall that aren’t Halloween themed. This one caught my eye immediately.


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