The Disaster Days by Rebecca Behrens

Published by Sourcebooks Young Readers

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Summary:  13-year-old Hannah’s only babysat once before, so she’s a little nervous about looking after her neighbors Zoe and Oscar while their mom goes on an errand to mainland Washington.  During her absence, there’s a major earthquake, and Hannah must figure out how to survive and take care of her two charges. Their island neighborhood is cut off from help, and the broadcasts they get from their emergency radio make them think their parents might be hurt or worse.  For four days, Hannah has to cope with major injuries, diminishing food and water, a gas leak, a bear, and her own asthma as she tries to keep everyone alive and wait for help. Hannah has sometimes felt overshadowed by her more outgoing best friend, but in an emergency, she discovers reserves of strength and resourcefulness that she never knew she had.  Includes an author’s note with more information about earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest. 304 pages; grades 4-7.

Pros:  Anyone who enjoys a gripping survival story will find this hard to put down.  The situations and the kids’ responses to them are believable, and readers will pick up a few survival tips of their own.

Cons:  The title and cover didn’t really draw me in.

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