Such a Good Boy by Marianna Coppo

Published by Chronicle Books

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Summary:  Buzz is a dog who lives in a beautiful house, with healthy food to eat, and daily walks.  He always stays on his leash, does his business where he is supposed to, and doesn’t interact with the less well-behaved dogs at the park.  He is such a good boy. But sometimes Buzz feels the pressure of living up to his well-bred ancestors, and he occasionally finds himself wishing he were someone else.  One day, after being cooped up for a whole rainy week, Buzz throws himself into a puddle. His horrified owner immediately takes him to the Good Boy pet groomer. Buzz is cleaned up again, but his taste of freedom has changed him.  While his owner pays, Buzz sneaks out the door and heads back to the park, where he does all the things that have always been forbidden to him. On the way out, he sees lost dog posters everywhere with his face on them. “Uh-oh! Buzz should have known this wouldn’t last…Or will it?”  48 pages; grades K-2.

Pros:  So much to think about in this seemingly simple book.  Will Buzz return to his home or embrace freedom? This could start some discussions about what makes pets (and people) happy.  Pair it with Peter Brown’s Mr. Tiger Goes Wild for a story hour filled with existential soul searching.

Cons:  Kids might be disturbed that the well-cared-for dog doesn’t want to return home.

If you would like to buy this book on Amazon, click here.

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