The Ocean In Your Bathtub by Seth Fishman, illustrated by Isabel Greenberg

Published by Greenwillow Books

The Ocean in Your Bathtub: Fishman, Seth, Greenberg, Isabel ...
The Ocean in Your Bathtub: STEM Activities with Seth Fishman ...

Summary:  Oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth, and contain 97 percent of Earth’s water.  Almost four of ten people live within 60 miles of an ocean.  Those are a few of the facts about oceans you’ll learn in this book, which is relevant even if you’re not one of those four out of ten.  The oceans affect our weather, drinking water, and food supply.  Plants in the ocean provide oxygen for the air we breathe.  And, of course, humans are doing an outstanding job of messing up the oceans with pollution and overfishing.  But even small deeds done to protect the oceans can have an impact.  Includes additional information on phytoplankton, the water cycle, aquifers, and what you can do to help the oceans.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A fun and accessible introduction to the ocean with interesting facts and lively illustrations.  I wasn’t familiar with this author-illustrator team, but it looks like they’ve written a couple of other interesting science books as well.

Cons:  Trying to cover such an enormous topic in a picture book is challenging, and there are some facts (“The ocean is NOT a major source of drinking water–it’s way too salty!”) that may leave kids wanting more of an explanation.  Some additional resources would have been helpful for this.

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