Saturdays Are for Stella by Candy Wellins, illustrated by Charlie Eve Ryan

Published by Page Street Kids

Saturdays Are For Stella: Wellins, Candy, Eve Ryan, Charlie: 9781624149214: Books
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Summary:  George’s grandmother, Stella, makes everything fun, which is why George likes spending every Saturday with her.  Sometimes they go out to the dinosaur museum, to the park, or downtown, and sometimes they stay in and have ninja tournaments or play games together.  One Saturday, George wakes up late, and gets himself dressed and ready for his visit.  But when he comes into the kitchen, his parents have some sad news about him about Stella.  He’ll never spend another Saturday with her; from then on, George hates Saturdays.  But other changes are afoot, and one day George gets a baby sister…and her name is Stella.  As Stella grows, George teaches her to do the things he and Grandma Stella used to do together.  And soon he loves Saturdays again, because Saturdays are for Stella.  32 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  We all need a story about the ups and downs of life right now, and this one is at the perfect level for kids to understand that life is made up of both joy and grief.  The illustrations are adorable; I love Stella Junior’s pink hair.

Cons:  I don’t think I could read this to kids without losing it; I got kind of choked up just writing this review.

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