Fly on the Wall by Remy Lai

Published by Henry Holt and Co.

Fly on the Wall: Lai, Remy, Lai, Remy: 9781250314116: Books

Summary:  12-year-old Henry is sick of being treated like a baby by his grandmother, mother, and older sister.  His well-planned act of rebellion is to secretly fly from his home in Perth, Australia to visit his dad in Singapore.  As the journey unfolds, Henry slowly reveals events from the last year, including his creation of an online comic “Fly on the Wall” that skewers his classmates.  But he also has the chance to reflect on his less than stellar behavior, and the fact that he may have misinterpreted the intentions of both his family and his former best friend.  By the end of his trip, Henry is trying to be a better person and begins to make amends with some of the people in his life, opening up possibilities for closer connections with friends and family when he returns home.  336 pages; grades 4-7.

Pros:  Filled with comic book style illustrations, this is a book that may appeal to Wimpy Kid fans, but winds up having more depth.  Henry isn’t always the most likeable protagonist, but his thought processes ring true for a 12-year-old, and he is capable of real remorse for his actions.  There’s plenty of humor and some lighthearted moments, too, including a fun revelation about who his real nemesis is.

Cons:  I read an advanced reader copy, so didn’t get to fully enjoy the illustrations.

If you would like to buy this book on Amazon, click here.

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