Lights on Wonder Rock by David Litchfield

Published by Clarion Books

Lights on Wonder Rock: Litchfield, David: 9780358359531: Books
David Litchfield Illustration | Lights On Cotton Rock

Summary:  Heather sneaks out of her house and climbs on top of Wonder Rock, hoping to contact the aliens she’s read about.  She turns her flashlight on and off repeatedly until she’s surprised by colorful lights and a spaceship.  An alien invites her aboard, and she has a great time until she sees her parents on one of the computer screens, searching for her in the woods.  Off she goes to reunite with them.  The years pass, and Heather keeps returning to Wonder Rock, trying to reconnect with her alien friend.  Finally, an old woman now, she returns to Wonder Rock with her flashlight.  Lo and behold, the spaceship returns, and she is reunited with her alien friend.  They go off to explore space, but Heather realizes she misses her family.  She draws a picture to communicate, and her friend immediately understands.  The whole family gets to see her return, as Heather realizes “that the magic and wonder that she had been trying to find…had been on Earth all along.”  40 pages; grades K-3.

Pros:  Kids will love these gorgeous and imaginative illustrations that may get some Caldecott consideration, and who doesn’t enjoy a good
“close encounters” tale?

Cons:  I almost wished this were a wordless book, as the text seemed a bit clunky compared to the illustrations.

If you would like to buy this book on Amazon, click here.

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