Grow: Secrets of Our DNA by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Emily Sutton

Published by Candlewick

Grow: Secrets of Our DNA: Davies, Nicola, Sutton, Emily: 9781536212723: Books

Summary:  All living things grow: some quickly, some slowly, some a little, and some a lot.  Humans grow from a tiny dot to an adult, following a set of instructions coded into DNA, the genetic code.  Humans’ genetic code is similar to some animals, like chimpanzees, less similar to other animals like dogs, and even less similar to plants.  But all forms of life are connected, and all connect back to earlier forms of life “because all life has always been written in one language”.  Includes an afterword called “How did you grow?”.  40 pages; grades K-5.

Pros:  Nicola Davies does a masterful job of explaining DNA and genetics in a way that allows me to confidently recommend this book for kids as young as kindergarteners.  The gorgeous illustrations showing all kinds of animal and plant life make it even more accessible for readers of all ages.

Cons:  I was surprised there were no resources for further research included at the end.

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