The Teachers March! How Selma’s Teachers Changed History by Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace, illustrated by Charly Palmer

Published by Calkins Creek

The Teachers March!: How Selma's Teachers Changed History - Kindle edition  by Wallace, Sandra Neil, Wallace, Rich, Palmer, Charly. Children Kindle  eBooks @
The Teachers March!: How Selma's Teachers Changed History: Wallace, Sandra  Neil, Wallace, Rich, Palmer, Charly: 9781629794525: Books

Summary:  Reverend F. D. Reese, a science teacher at R. B. Hudson High School in Selma, Alabama, was determined to vote.  He decided to organize his fellow teachers, who were considered leaders in the community, and invited Martin Luther King, Jr. to visit town to encourage the group.  On the appointed day, teachers walked from school to the courthouse, carrying the toothbrushes and sandwiches they would need in jail.  Although the sheriff threatened them with arrest, ultimately they were allowed to complete the march and return to school.  Their action inspired their students and members of other professions to organize their own protests, and Selma became one of the most important cities in the civil rights movement.  Includes authors’ and illustrator’s notes, photos, a timeline, and a bibliography.  44 pages; grades 2-6.

Pros:  A fascinating history of a little-known but important part of the civil rights movement, told from the perspectives of Reese and Joyce Parrish, the 15-year-old daughter of another teacher.  The back matter makes it an excellent research resource.

Cons:  It’s quite long and a bit wordy for a picture book.

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