The Great Bunk Bed Battle (Fox Tails) by Tina Kügler and A Magic Spark (Fairylight Friends) by Jessica Young, illustrated by Marie Vanderbemden

Published by Scholastic The Great Bunk Bed Battle: An Acorn Book (Fox Tails #1) (1)  (9781338561685): Kügler, Tina: Books
A MAGIC SPARK | Kirkus Reviews

Summary:  Two new series have been added to Scholastic’s Acorn imprint for beginning readers.  In The Great Bunk Bed Battle, Fritz and Franny are supposed to be going to sleep, but debate the merits of the top bunk vs. the bottom bunk.  After trying to convince their dog Fred to join one or the other, they wind up with a surprising solution for all three.  A Magic Spark features three fairy friends, Ruby, Iris, and Pip, who go to school together and work to figure out what each one’s special magic is.  Each book ends with a page showing how to draw a character and offering a discussion question.  48 pages and 64 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  Once again, the Acorn imprint has come up with new series that are fun, imaginative, and just right for early readers.  The foxes are funny, the fairies will appeal to the fairy/princess fans, and everyone will enjoy the cartoon-style format.

A fun aside about author Jessica Young: We have her Haggis and Tank series in our library, and one of our second grade students told us the book was inappropriate. Turns out she was referring to the spine label: we use F for fiction, followed by the first three letters of the author’s last name.

Cons:  I like how Scholastic’s Branches books have two different levels, and it seems like that’s needed here.  Fox Tails has 48 pages and three sections (kind of like chapters, but not exactly), while A Magic Spark has 64 pages, five real chapters, and quite a bit more text on each page. 

If you would like to buy The Great Bunk Bed Battle on Amazon, click here.

If you would like to buy A Magic Spark on Amazon, click here.

3 thoughts on “The Great Bunk Bed Battle (Fox Tails) by Tina Kügler and A Magic Spark (Fairylight Friends) by Jessica Young, illustrated by Marie Vanderbemden

  1. Thank you, Janet! Once again you have scored with recommending a great book for one of my grandsons. He just received his book, The Great Bunk Bed Battle. He is in kindergarten and a beginning reader. He just face timed me with such a proud face and read three pages on his own to me!
    Thank you for helping to make his experience with reading such a positive one! Love your blog!
    Be well


    1. Yes, it’s me… a former Kennedy teacher😊 You are doing such an awesome service here, Janet! I really appreciate your reviews. This recent one had a huge impact with my grandson👍.


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