Too Many Birds by Cindy Derby

Published by Roaring Brook Press Two Many Birds (9781250232540): Derby, Cindy, Derby, Cindy:  Books
Two Many Birds | Cindy Derby | Macmillan

Summary:  A grumpy blackbird sits in a lifeguard-type stand monitoring a nearby tree in this nearly wordless book.  He has all kinds of rules he tries to enforce: no running, no yelling, and a maximum capacity of 100 birds.  When he takes a lunch break, an egg cracks open, and two birds hatch, sending the bird count to 102.  “Two many birds!” he cries, grabbing a net.  But the birds organize into the shape of one large bird and drive him off.  Sitting by himself, the blackbird sees an acorn sprouting and decides to help it grow, assisted by the large flock of birds.  Eventually, they have grown dozens of new trees, providing enough space for everyone.  48 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  The cute and colorful illustrations show the power of many against a bully, and also show what can happen when the bully reforms.  

Cons:  I had some trouble understanding parts of this story.  Also, the final spread showing all the new trees was on the inside back cover, so the back flap of the dust jacket covered it up.

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