Many Points of Me by Caroline Gertler

Published by Greenwillow

Many Points of Me - Kindle edition by Gertler, Caroline. Children Kindle  eBooks @

Summary:  Georgia is still recovering from the death of her artist father and sometimes feels like she needs a break from her best friend Theo, who was also close to her dad.  Theo is excited that sixth grade is the year that both of them can enter the student art competition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but Georgia isn’t sure how she feels about art anymore.  When her art historian mom starts working on an exhibit of her dad’s work at the Met, Georgia feels even more confused.  As she goes through the work her mom has left around their apartment, she finds a portfolio of sketches that her dad made of her, including one that may be the answer to a mystery surrounding a painting her father planned but never completed.  As she begins to reach out to friends and family and to share her grief, she recognizes that there are many different parts to her, and those who love her are okay with all of them.  352 pages; grades 4-7.

Pros:  Georgia is a protagonist with a lot of heart, and many readers will relate to her family and friendship issues, as will those who have some interest in the art world.  While I wouldn’t classify this as a mystery, Georgia did have an interesting puzzle to solve about her father’s work.

Cons:  I was hoping for more of an art-related mystery, a la Under the Egg or Chasing Vermeer.

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