My Day With the Panye by Tami Charles, illustrated by Sara Palacios (released March 16)

Published by Candlewick

Image result for my day with the panye
Image result for my day with the panye

Summary:  Fallon, accompanying her mother to a Port-au-Prince market, wants desperately to carry the panye, the basket her mother and other women and girls carry on their heads.  When Fallon tries to carry it, the panye falls to the floor, and her mother reminds her to be patient: “Little by little, the bird builds its nest.”  After buying food for the family dinner and packing it into the panye, Fallon has another try at carrying it on her head, but before long the vegetables are lying in the road.  Her patient mother loads it back again, and this time Fallon is successful.  Walking tall and proud, she arrives home where she is met with the admiration of her little sister, who is now eager to try carrying the panye.  Includes an author’s note about the panye, Haiti, and her connection (her husband is from Haiti).  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  Fallon and her mother serve as excellent ambassadors to introduce readers to Haiti, beautifully pictured in the colorful illustrations.  There’s also a good lesson in patience and perseverance.

Cons:  I wish there had been translations for the French (Creole?) words in the text and illustrations.

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