Seeing an Aurora by Elizabeth Pulford, illustrated by Anne Bannock

Published by Blue Dot Press

Image result for seeing an aurora bannock amazon

Summary:  A father wakes his child in the middle of the night.  “We’re off to find an aurora.”  They go out into a cold, snowy night.  The child is full of questions: is it scary? Are stars in the aurora? The moon?  Finally, they reach the top of a high hill, and the colors of the aurora explode all around them.  Neither speaks, but on the walk back home, Dad tells all he knows about auroras.  Includes a note entitled “Everything Dad Knew About the Aurora”.  32 pages; ages 3-8.

Pros:  This beautiful book, originally published in New Zealand, captures the feel of being out on a winter’s night, and the magic of the aurora.  The colors in the illustration are gorgeous, and the information is just right for a young child.

Cons:  Although the final note mentions that auroras occur at the North Pole and South Pole, it doesn’t specify where on Earth they can be seen.  Also, a photo or two and a list of additional resources wouldn’t have been amiss.

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