The Last Straw: Kids vs. Plastics by Susan Hood, illustrated by Christiane Engel

Published by HarperCollins

The Last Straw: Kids vs. Plastics: Hood, Susan, Engel, Christiane:  9780062981394: Books

Summary:  Following an introduction by 9-year-old Milo Cress, founder of Be Straw Free, this poetry collection looks at different aspects of plastic, from its undeniable usefulness in many areas to the damage it is wreaking on the environment (especially the oceans) to different ways kids and teens are figuring out to recycle and find alternatives to plastic.  Includes a two-page author’s note; a timeline of the history of plastic from 1839; alternatives to single-use plastic items; top ten plastic ocean polluters; sources, websites, and additional notes for each poem; poetry notes for each poem; three books for further reading; and additional websites for news about plastics.  48 pages; grades K-5.

Pros:  The poetry is just the beginning in this book that is jam-packed with information and inspiring stories about kids working to make a difference in the world by recycling or eliminating plastics.  The colorful illustrators add a lot to the poems, and the 13 pages of back matter, enough to satisfy even me, would make this an excellent resource for older kids.

Cons:  I was feeling so bummed after reading the first few poems that I almost didn’t make it to the more inspirational section.

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