J.D. and the Great Barber Battle by J. Dillard, illustrated by Akeem S. Roberts

Published by Kokila

Amazon.com: J.D. and the Great Barber Battle (9780593111529): Dillard, J.,  Roberts, Akeem S.: Books

Summary:  J.D. endures a tough first day of school when he starts third grade with the haircut his mom gave him.  When he decides to take matters (and clippers) into his own hands and fix things up, the results are surprisingly good.  Before long, friends are asking him for haircuts, and he’s started his own barber business in his room.  But Henry Hart, the town barber, doesn’t like the fact that J.D. is taking away his business and threatens to shut him down.  J.D. proposes a solution: have a contest where each barber cuts the hair on three heads and let an impartial judge decide who’s the better barber.  If Henry wins, J.D. shuts his business, but if J.D. wins he can stay open.  The results are a bit of a surprise, and the ending makes it clear that there will be a sequel to J.D.’s story.  128 pages; grades 1-4.

Pros:  Early elementary kids will enjoy J.D.’s humorous voice; the short chapters and plentiful cartoon-style illustrations are sure to attract lots of fans.

Cons:  It seemed a bit of a stretch that a third grader would become so proficient a barber in such a short time.

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