Knight of the Cape by Terry Catasús Jennings, illustrated by Fátima Anaya

Published by Aladdin

Knight of the Cape (Definitely Dominguita Book 1) - Kindle edition by  Catasus Jennings, Terry, Anaya, Fatima. Children Kindle eBooks @

Summary: Dominguita Melendez would rather read than do just about anything else.  Her abuela shares her love of reading, but she’s recently moved away and Dominguita misses her.  She decides to become a knight, inspired by her love of Abuela’s Don Quijote stories.  When the class bully tells her girls can’t be knights, Dom enlists her big brother to document her heroic deeds and prove him wrong.  Before long, she’s collected some armor, a lance, two faithful sidekicks, and a steed.  Tilting at a windmill almost results in disaster, but unexpectedly winds up inspiring some heroic deeds. Like Don Quijote, Dom recognizes her weaknesses and vows to do better the next time around.  Includes an author’s note with further information about Don Quijote and two chapters from the next book in the series, inspired by Treasure Island.  144 pages; grades 2-4.

Pros:  A fun start to a new illustrated chapter book series featuring an imaginative girl who values reading over friends (but eventually comes to appreciate those as well), and who finds adventure on her own city streets.

Cons:  I thought that Dom’s bunny rescue was pretty darn heroic, but even her own family seemed to dismiss it as kind of lame.

3 thoughts on “Knight of the Cape by Terry Catasús Jennings, illustrated by Fátima Anaya

  1. Oh my, I really did agonize over the lame bunny decision. I’m with you all the way. And we’re in good company. Pancho thought it was good enough. Pancho’s uncle did too. We know Abuela would be. But it was that dastardly Ernie Bublassi. Would he think rescuing bunnies was heroic enough? It was a hard one. LOL Thanks for reading!!!


    1. Well, then, I’m hoping you’ll take another chance. May I send you book number three in the series? I promise there are no agonizing lame bunny decisions in this book. Dom and her friends hit their stride. Heroic all the way. Armed with chocolate covered toilet plungers? All for One. I’d love to send it to you. Let me know at


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