Welcome Home, Whales by Christina Booth

Published by Blue Dot Kids Press

Welcome Home, Whales: Booth, Christina: 9781733121286: Amazon.com: Books

Summary:  A child hears a voice calling from the bay, a voice that the adults are unable to hear.  The voice grows loud, sometimes joyful and sometimes full of sorrow.  A whale is telling the story of how she wants to come home but feels unsafe, knowing that other whales have been hurt or sent away.  Then one morning, the whale appears in the bay with her baby.  People gather on the shore to watch and to hear her call, which others beside the child can finally hear. Includes two pages of additional information about right whales and four things people can do to help whales.   32 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros: The gentle voice of the text and beautiful watercolor illustrations provide a compelling introduction to whales and their endangered status.  

Cons:  There were no additional resources about whales listed.

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