Yes & No by Elisha Cooper

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Yes & No: Cooper, Elisha, Cooper, Elisha: 9781250257338: Books
Yes & No | Elisha Cooper | Macmillan

Summary:  At the start of this book, “Yes” belongs to the dog, while “No” is the domain of the cat, as they are asked questions from their offstage guardian: Are you awake? Did you sleep well? Are you both excited for the day?  Sent outside to play, the dog is a whirlwind of activity, digging and chewing everything in sight, while the cat perches in a tree.  The owner, seeing the destruction in the yard, sends them farther afield, and they head off.  Several wordless pages show the pair traveling together, then gazing at the scenery as they sit side by side.  When it’s time to come inside and get ready for bed, it’s the dog who starts saying no, but he finally admits to being ready for sleep, as the cat heads out a window into the night.  40 pages; ages 3-8.

Pros:  Reminiscent of Cooper’s Caldecott book Big Cat, Little Cat, this fun book is sure to spark debate between dog people and cat people.  The illustrations and sparse text perfectly capture each animal’s personality.

Cons:  It doesn’t pack quite the emotional punch of Big Cat, Little Cat.

Yes & No — Elisha Cooper

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