How to Make a Bird by Meg McKinlay, illustrated by Matt Ottley

Published by Candlewick

How to Make a Bird by Meg McKinlay: 9781536215267 |  Books
Matt Ottley | Matt Ottley

Summary:  A young artist creates a bird: tiny hollow bones, feathers, a rapidly-beating  heart.  But a statue of a bird isn’t a bird, so the artist stands at the window and lets her creation go.  As it rises into the air, the bird comes to life and flies off, disappearing into the sky without ever looking back.  “And feel your slowly beating heart fill with a kind of sadness, a kind of happiness.  For this is when you will know that you have really made a bird.”  32 pages; ages 4-10.

Pros:  With its beautifully written spare text and gorgeous illustrations, this haunting meditation on the creative process perfectly captures the bittersweet nature of letting a creation go out into the world.

Cons:  The central message may be a bit over the heads of the intended audience.

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