When Grandfather Flew by Patricia MacLachlan, illustrated by Chris Sheban

Published by Neal Porter Books (Released July 27)

When Grandfather Flew: Maclachlan, Patricia, Sheban, Chris: 9780823444892:  Amazon.com: Books

Summary:  Grandfather loves birds and enjoys sharing his passion with his grandchildren, especially Milo, who notices everything but only speaks when he has something to say.  As Grandfather gets older, he can no longer see the birds, but his family and a favorite nurse find ways to help him still enjoy them.  Finally there comes a day when the grandchildren arrive home from school to find that Grandfather is no longer there.  Milo runs outside in time to see an eagle soaring close to their yard.  He doesn’t speak, but the whole family watches as the eagle flies away into the sky. Endpapers include sketches of the birds mentioned in the story.  32 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  Newbery medalist Maclachlan has created a beautiful story of love, loss, and hope, with characters that are amazingly well-developed for such a brief story.  

Cons:  It would have been nice to see the birds on the endpapers in color.

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