America, My Love, America, My Heart by Daria Peoples-Riley

Published by Greenwillow Books

America, My Love, America, My Heart: Peoples-Riley, Daria, Peoples-Riley,  Daria: 9780062993298: Books

Summary:  The text of this book consists of questions to America: “Do you love me when I raise my hand? My head? My voice? When I whisper? When I SHOUT? Do you love my black? Do you love my brown?”  Spanish and Creole words are interspersed throughout the text. Includes an author’s note, describing her childhood growing up as one of the few Black kids in her class and with a Louisiana Creole background that sometimes made her feel on the outside of things. There’s also information on Louisiana Creole and Spanish, and photos of the author with her two grandmothers who spoke both languages; the Pledge of Allegiance is written on both endpapers. 40 pages; ages 4 and up.

Pros:  A thought-provoking read as we move toward the flag-waving patriotism of Independence Day, asking questions about what the American experience is like for all of its inhabitants.

Cons:  The affectionate title felt a little dissonant from the rest of the book.

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