Make New Friends, But Keep the Old (Twig and Turtle, book 4) by Jennifer Richard Jacobson, illustrated by Paula Franco

Published by Pixel + Ink

Twig and Turtle 4: Make New Friends, But Keep the Old: Jacobson, Jennifer  Richard: 9781645950530: Books

Summary:  Twig is starting to settle into tiny house living with her family, and to enjoy school with her new friend Angela.  But when Angela’s former best friend Effie moves back to town, Twig starts to feel like she’s losing Angela.  Fortunately, Grandma, who is babysitting while Mom and Dad are out of town, has some wise advice, and Twig finds the courage to speak up to both Angela and Effie.  As the title suggests, the last few pages assure readers that the girls expand their friendship to include all three.  112 pages; grades 2-4. 

Pros:  I missed this series when book 1 came out last year.  Book 4 is charming, though, and I may have to go back and read the first three.  The family has recently moved to a tiny house, which I found fascinating, and the friend and family problems, happily resolved in a way that felt realistic, make this a great early chapter book.

Cons:  Although the series title is Twig and Turtle, most of the stories seem to be focused on older sister Twig.  As a younger sister myself, I’d like to see some more Turtle action.

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