I Am a Peaceful Goldfish by Shoshana Chaim, illustrated by Lori Joy Smith

Published by Greystone Books

I Am a Peaceful Goldfish: Chaim, Shoshana, Joy Smith, Lori: 9781771646376:  Amazon.com: Books
I Am a Peaceful Goldfish – Greystone Books Ltd.

Summary:  When things go wrong, two kids practice self-calming by breathing deeply while thinking of things around them: a goldfish blowing bubbles, an elephant trumpeting, a dandelion scattering its seeds, or a flower stretching toward the sky.  When they’re calm, they’re ready to focus on the task at hand.  Includes an author’s note about using breathing techniques to feel better in difficult situations.  48 pages; ages 3-6.

Pros:  A perfect introduction to the use of breathing as a calming technique for the preschoolers or early elementary kids.  The real-life examples are engaging and will help them visualize how to take calming breaths.

Cons:  A creature with gills may not be the best example of deep breathing.

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