Best Day Ever! by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Leah Nixon

Published by Clarion Books Best Day Ever! eBook: Singer, Marilyn, Nixon, Leah: Kindle Store

Summary:  A dog narrates her best day ever: hanging out with her best friend (a boy in a wheelchair), digging, chasing a cat, and swimming.  But after she rolls in a dead fish, her boy tells her she stinks, they head home for a bath, and suddenly the day is not the best ever.  When she runs around after the bath and breaks a lamp, her boy yells at her, and it becomes the worst day ever.  But an evening apology and a game of fetch with her friend quickly restores the status back to best.  32 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A dog’s live-for-the moment joy is beautifully captured here, and it’s nice to see a kid in a wheelchair being a part of a story that is not about disabilities.

Cons:  Rolling in a dead fish.

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