The Shark Book by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Published by Clarion Books

The Shark Book: Jenkins, Steve, Page, Robin: 9781328569493:  Books
Bound To Stay Bound Books, Inc. - Bookstore

Summary:  The husband-and-wife team of Jenkins and Page introduce readers to the world of sharks through cut-paper illustrations and text describing different types of sharks, how sharks reproduce, what they eat, and more.  Of course, what readers REALLY want to know is how dangerous sharks are to humans, and this is addressed as well, along with additional information about how dangerous humans are to sharks.  Includes a chart showing size, range, danger to humans, and conservation status of all the sharks in the book as well as a bibliography.  40 pages; grades K-4.

Pros:  One can never have too many shark books on the library shelves, and, as per usual, Jenkins and Page do a stellar job of making the information interesting and accessible to the intended audience, with excellent illustrations as well as text.

Cons:  The font seemed a bit small to me, especially since it was one that looked like handwriting.

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