Josie Dances by Denise Lajimodiere, illustrations by Angela Erdrich

Published by Minnesota Historical Society

Josie Dances: Lajimodiere, Denise, Erdrich, Angela: 9781681342078: Books -
Josie Dances – Minnesota Historical Society

Summary:  When Josie decides she wants to dance at her tribe’s powwow, she enlists her mom, grandmother (kookum), aunty, and tribal elder Grandma Greatwalker to sew and bead her costume and to dream her spirit name.  Josie practices all winter and spring, excited about all the preparations but a little anxious that they won’t be done in time.  On the morning of her dance, though, everyone surprises her with their completed work, and Elder Grandma Greatwalker tells Josie that she has dreamed her spirit name: Migiziinsikwe, or Young Eagle Woman.  Josie is welcomed into the circle of dancers as the singers say her name, Migiziinsikwe, and Young Eagle Woman soars into the dance.  Includes a glossary and information about Turtle Mountain, a reservation where the author lives as a citizen of the Tribal Band of Chippewa and the illustrator is a tribal member.  32 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  This would pair well with Bowwow Powwow for a story hour about contemporary kids participating in their powwows.  The colorful illustrations and text give a real flavor of what goes into preparing for the dance and the excitement of the actual event.  I loved the endpapers portraying a variety of powwow participants.

Cons:  I wish there had been some more information about Josie’s dance in the back matter.

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