A House by Kevin Henkes

Published by Greenwillow Books

A House: Henkes, Kevin, Henkes, Kevin: 9780063092600: Amazon.com: Books
A House: Henkes, Kevin, Henkes, Kevin: 9780063092600: Amazon.com: Books

Summary:  “A house. Where is the door? What color is it? Where is the window?  What shape is it?”  Each page asks questions about different concepts like shapes, colors, time of day, size, and weather, inviting readers to look carefully at the pictures and find the answers to the questions.  Near the end, a doll family arrives, complete with cat and dog.  The house is now called something else…a home.  32 pages; ages 3-6.

Pros:  I found myself immediately imagining reading this to my preschool classes and having them take turns answering the questions.  Like many of Kevin Henkes’ recent books, this one has both simple texts and illustrations, but will undoubtedly become a favorite that will be read over and over again.

Cons:  Okay, is it just me, or does the cover of this book look like a Tomie dePaola illustration?  For some reason, I saw a picture of the cover a few months ago, and got the idea in my head that it was a Tomie dePaola homage.  I was, of course, completely wrong.

Strega Nona (A Strega Nona Book): dePaola, Tomie, dePaola, Tomie:  9781481487245: Amazon.com: Books
Strega Nona’s house. Do you see the resemblance?

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