My Two Border Towns/Mis dos pueblos fronterizos by David Bowles, illustrated by Erika Meza

Published by Kokila

My Two Border Towns: Bowles, David, Meza, Erika: 9780593111048:  Books
Mis dos pueblos fronterizos (Spanish Edition): Bowles, David, Meza, Erika:  9780593325070: Books
Mis dos pueblos fronterizos (Spanish Edition): Bowles, David, Meza, Erika:  9780593325070: Books

Summary:  A boy and his father take a Saturday morning trip over the border to Mexico, something that is obviously a familiar routine for them.  As they approach the bridge, Dad reminds him that the land once belonged to the Coahuiltecans before it became two countries.  They enjoy coffee and hot chocolate in a restaurant, then head out for their errands, visiting relatives and shopping for friends.  When it’s time to go back home, they have one more stop to make part way across the bridge.  It’s lined with people camping there, refugees from the Caribbean and Central America who can’t get into either Mexico or the U.S.  The boy and his father distribute much of what they’ve bought that day to the people on the bridge: food, medicine, comics.  “All the way home I imagine a wonderful day, when all my friends from the Other Side can go back and forth between my two border towns, just like me.”  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  An uplifting but realistic look at the life of an American boy who still has close ties to his Mexican heritage–and who is being taught empathy and compassion as he and his dad consider the plight of their friends waiting to gain admittance to one country or another. 

Cons:  A little back matter with additional information about the border and/or refugees would have been a nice addition.

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