Besties Work It Out (The World of Click) by Kayla Miller and Jeffrey Canino, illustrated by Kristina Luu

Published by Etch/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Besties: Work It Out (The World of Click): Miller, Kayla, Canino, Jeffrey,  Luu, Kristina: 9780358561910: Books
Besties: Work It Out – AESOP'S FABLE

Summary:  In this spinoff from the Click series, best friends Liz and Chanda are trying to make some money.  When their lemonade stand fails, Liz’s older sister hands over her dog-sitting job to the two girls.  They’re thrilled to get to hang out at the owner’s fancy home, raiding her closet and posting photos of themselves in luxurious surroundings.  When the popular girls see the pictures, they want a piece of the action.  Liz and Chanda invite one of the girls over, but she brings three more; in the ensuing chaos, an expensive lamp gets broken.  As the girls try to make amends, they learn some important lessons about responsibility and friendship and are able to bring about a satisfying conclusion for everyone.  Includes six pages of Q&A with the book’s creators and four pages showing how the illustrations were created.  216 pages; grades 3-6.

Pros:  There ought to be a name for the Raina Telgemeier/Victoria Jamieson/Shannon Hale/Jennifer Holm genre of graphic novels.  Whatever that name is, this book will have great appeal to fans of it.  It’s a realistic friendship story about irresponsibility and learning to make amends for it.  Hoping to see more books about Liz and Chanda.

Cons:  Chanda’s parents were kind of insufferable with their favoritism toward their older daughter. 

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