Hurricane by John Rocco

Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Hurricane: Rocco, John: 9780759554931: Books

Summary:  The narrator loves fishing from a neighborhood dock that no one else uses but him.  Returning home one day, he finds his parents and neighbors preparing for an impending hurricane.  The family hunkers down when the storm hits, and the illustrations show flooding and fallen trees.  The weather is calm and sunny by the next morning, but when the boy goes to the dock, he finds it has been almost destroyed.  Unable to get help from the adults who are busy with repairs and cleanup, he decides to try to fix the dock himself.  He makes a valiant attempt, but after several days he is ready to give up.  At that moment, his parents and neighbors show up, and everyone works together to rebuild the dock into a place for the whole community.  It’s still the boy’s favorite place, but now there are others around to enjoy it with him.  Includes front endpapers showing how a hurricane forms and back ones with the parts of a dock.  Also a photo of a note from 6-year-old John Rocco informing his parents that he is off to go fishing.  48 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  John Rocco’s books are always fun to read to kids (Blizzard is one of my go-to reads for winter), and this one has illustrations that will particularly appeal to young engineers, with detailed information about hurricanes and dock building.  

Cons:  Key parts of the endpapers were covered up by the taped-down dustjacket of my library copy.

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