A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus

Published by Margaret Ferguson Books

A Place to Hang the Moon: Albus, Kate: 9780823447053: Amazon.com: Books

Summary:  We first meet William, Edmund, and Anna at the funeral of their grandmother, a cold woman no one really misses, except for the fact that she was their last living relative.  The three orphans are determined to stay together, and decide to take the advice of their solicitor and evacuate London with a group of children from a local school, hoping to find a permanent family.  Their first foster parents seem okay, but have twin sons who are nasty bullies.  When Edmund puts a dead snake in one of their beds, the boy takes revenge in a way that gets all three kids kicked out of the house.  They next land at the home of an impoverished woman with four small children whose husband is at war, and whose hard circumstances make her unloving at best and downright cruel at worst.  Their one refuge is the library and the kind librarian, Mrs. Műller, who’s shunned by the village because her missing husband is suspected to have Nazi sympathies.  When disaster strikes at the second foster home, the children naturally gravitate to Mrs. Műller, hoping to finally find a family with her.  Includes a list of the many books mentioned in the story.  320 pages; grades 3-7.

Pros:  Please do not even attempt to read this book until you have access to a cozy fire, warm slippers, and a nice cup of tea.  Then settle in and prepare yourself for this year’s most enjoyable comfort read.  If The War That Saved My Life was a little heavy for you, this will be absolutely perfect.  I’m not sure that it’s quite Newbery caliber, but it is #8 on the Goodreads list right now.

Cons:  The ending was a little predictable…although totally satisfying.

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