Off-Limits by Helen Yoon

Published by Candlewick

Off-Limits: Yoon, Helen, Yoon, Helen: 9781536207316: Books
Off-Limits: Yoon, Helen, Yoon, Helen: 9781536207316: Books

Summary:  Before the title page, a man tapes a sign to his office door: “Off-Limits”.  As he walks away, a girl is seen peeking from around a corner.  In she goes.  “Hello! I’m just looking.”  Well, looking and taking one tiny piece of tape.  Then Mr. Lamp gets a scarf made of tape, and before long he’s festooned with paper clips and binder clips.  And then she discovers…the Post-it’s!  The entire office is transformed into a chaotic mix of tape, clips, and dozens and dozens of colorful Post-it’s, some cut into stars, hearts, and paper dolls.  Finally, the girl steps back, realizing what she’s done.  She sneaks back to her room, only to discover Daddy, decked out in her dress-up clothes and dancing for an audience of stuffed animals.  32 pages, ages 3-7.

Pros:  Preschoolers will love vicariously living out this fantasy of completely “decorating” forbidden office space.  The illustrations with the Post-it’s really capture the feeling of joyous abandon, and the surprise ending will definitely get a few laughs.

Cons:  I was exhausted by the end.

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