Black history book list

Just in time for Black History Month, I have created a list of 65 picture books about Black history, including biographies, nonfiction, and historical fiction, with links to my reviews. You can find the list here or go to “Book Lists” near the top of the blog home page. When you move your cursor over that, a menu of all the book lists I’ve created will appear and you can click on “Black History”. There are so many great books on this list, and I hope you will find something there that inspires you to share!

2 thoughts on “Black history book list

  1. [I was unsure of your email address; apologies for copying your school email.]

    Dear Ms. Dawson,

    As a new subscriber, I’m enjoying your Kids Book A Day blog and particularly this post.

    A writing mentor (Esther Hershenhorn) suggested I contact you to potentially read my book and possibly feature that in your blog later.

    Wei To Go!, my contemporary middle-grade novel, will be released by Clear Fork Publishing on April 5, 2022. It’s a mystery about a twelve-year-old California girl who wants to help her dad’s threatened company. It features sibling rivalry, travel to Hong Kong, sports, and multicultural family dynamics. I think fifth graders would especially like it.

    I would be honored if you wanted to read my ARC now or wait until my book is in the public library later. If you could respond either way, that would be terrific.

    Best, Lee



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