Where Is Bina Bear? by Mike Curato

Published by Henry Holt and Co.

Where Is Bina Bear?: Curato, Mike, Curato, Mike: 9781250762207: Amazon.com:  Books
Where Is Bina Bear?

Summary:  Tiny Rabbit is having a big party, but Bina Bear is nowhere to be found…or is that Bina with a lampshade on his head?  “No.  I am not Bina.  I am a lamp.”  Other strange objects that vaguely resemble a blue bear start appearing around the house: a table, a tree, a chair, and a bookcase.  Finally, Tiny finds Bina in the kitchen with a grocery bag on his head.  “Are you okay?” asks Tiny.  “I’m fine,” replies Bina, but when Tiny removes the bag, there’s a tear in Bina’s eye.  It turns out Bina doesn’t like parties.  “Then why did you come?” asks Tiny.  “Because I like you,” says Bina.  When the rest of the party guests head to the kitchen looking for Bina and Tiny, the only find two lamps and decide to head back to the party.  The last page shows the two lamps dancing with the rest of the group. 32 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A fun book that will appeal to both the introverts who struggle with large social gatherings and their friends who work to understand them.

Cons:  Do not try dancing with a lampshade over your head.

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